I'tikaaf 2024
Register for I'tikaaf - Starting 30 March 2024

I’tikaaf will begin on the night of Saturday 30 March 2024. If you wish to do I’tikaaf at Masjid Sunnah Nelson this year, then please fill out the following application form. Spaces are limited and not guaranteed so please make your application early. You will be contacted if your space has been confirmed. 

No More Spaces Available

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Minimum age for applicants is 18
  2. No group meetings or private study circles allowed
  3. Un-Islamic or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated
  4. You must adhere to a cleaning rota system stated by Masjid Sunnah Management
  5. The masjid will not and cannot be held responsible for anything lost, stolen or damaged
  6. The masjid reserves the right to eject any individuals without notice if he is deemed to have broken any of the above rules

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